Hammersmith Hills Hoists Rugby League Football Club (HHHRLFC) is looking for a new major sponsor. With the Shepherds Bush Walkabout closing its doors for good there is a big hole that we need plugged. That is 20 + blokes drinking in your pub every saturday. No brainer.

If you think you can handle us please send an email to hillshoistsrlfc@hotmail.co.uk and we'll be in touch.


The Hammersmith Hills Hoists Rugby League Football Club (HHHRLFC) is based in  West London, and our aim is to provide the chance to play competitive Rugby League in London and the surrounding areas, to meet new people, make new contacts and have fun in playing & developing the sport we love.

The Hills Hoists were established at the end of 2008 by Australian ex-pats living in West London. The club was establish in the West London area of Hammersmith, Acton, Shepherds Bush which lacked a Rugby League team but possessed many potential players.  

The Hammersmith Hills Hoists RLFC had another successful year in 2012

Winners of the Southern Premier Conference (2nd consecutive)

Retaining the London Rugby League Title (4th consecutive)

Winning the London 9s tournament (4th consecutive)

Retaining the ANZAC Day Rugby Challenge (3rd consecutive)

The club is looking to continue a 1st grade team in Southern Premier Conference and a 2nd grade team in  the London League. The club will also play in the annual ANZAC day game against the Kiwis which will be open to all players of the club.

The Hills Hoists are looking for players of all abilities and nationalities.

It is free to play and the club has numerous social functions and outings.
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